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Our feature-length drama screenplay FROM MUD was a semifinalist at the 2022 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (top 2% of over 10,000 submissions) and a semifinalist at the 2022 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition (one of only 24 screenplays to advance in the drama category). We are now working to move forward and bring this screenplay into production.


FROM MUD logline: "As the dead inexplicably emerge from their graves and reunite with their loved ones, a man grows tired of waiting for his deceased wife to return and tries to bring her back himself."

We are excited to announce that THE DUMP won Best Cringe Comedy at the Hollywood Comedy Short Film Festival on April 30th followed by the Audience Choice Award at the HollyShorts Monthly Screenings on June 1st! 



Next up: THE DUMP screens at the Nomadic International Film Festival at 2:30PM on 4/29 at Look Cinemas in Glendale, CA! Click HERE for more details!


Be sure to check out the IMDb page!

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