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Our feature-length drama screenplay FROM MUD was a semifinalist at the 2022 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (top 2% of over 10,000 submissions), a semifinalist at the 2022 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition (one of only 24 screenplays to advance in the drama category), and a semifinalist at the 2023 BlueCat Screenplay Competition (one of only 84 screenplays out of a total of 2439 feature submissions to advance in the drama category). We are now working to move forward and bring this screenplay into production.


FROM MUD logline: "As the dead inexplicably emerge from their graves and reunite with their loved ones, a man grows tired of waiting for his deceased wife to return and tries to bring her back himself."

On 4/29/23, our award-winning short film THE DUMP wrapped up its festival run with a screening at the Nomadic International Film Festival in Glendale, CA where Neil Holland won the award for Outstanding Actor!


Be sure to check out the IMDb page!

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